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Welcome to the Info-Page of the CubeMC TeamSpeak server. Here you can find all infos you need to know about joining, rules and other misc things that you should know before joining! :)


Please respect our rules either on the website, forum, ingame on the server or on the TeamSpeak server. We want to keep this a friendly and nice place for everyone to have fun playing Minecraft. 


On the TeamSpeak 3 Server we have many channels that you can join or create for you and your friends. Make sure to password-protect them if you want to record videos or only talk with your friends that have the password for your channel.


We're a friendly and helpful community and if you need any help we are always reachable over the Forums, In Game or over TeamSpeak

About the Cube

CubeMC is a fun Minecraft Server with lots of new cube gamemodes!
Play Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, PVP and more on the cubemc server!

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